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Jayoda is a new energy of high-tech enterprises. The main products are lithium batteries, rechargeable lithium-based, with good safety performance, long cycle life, fast charge, green, power, excellent performance, relatively low-cost advantages. Products are cylindrical battery, square battery, Molded batteries, and is widely used in electric cars, electric buses, electric motorcycles, solar photovoltaic, wind power generation, defense and military, electric bicycles, electric tools, mobile standby power, miner's lamp battery, UPS, starting batteries, consumer electronics and other fields.

Battery industry in China started late, but rapid development, especially since the reform and opening up, China's battery industry has been tremendous development, China is now a lot of batteries in battery development has become the world's first.

Company has standard workshop, the introduction of first-class production equipment, advanced production technology, beautiful environment, we always insist on quality first, customer first, people-oriented, honest business purpose and dedication to customer service at home and abroad. Rigorous and realistic, hard work, unity and hard work, dedication and innovation; strictly manage the factory, scientific management, civilized production, the development of enterprises; love plants, unity, law-abiding, easy to learn; respect every customer and business staff the views and demands.

We warmly welcome guests to visit King Yuan Electronics guidance, business negotiations. Jin Yuan of staff willing to work with you side by side for a better new life!

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