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Name:solar outdoor light2
Introduction:solar outdoor light2

Solar Panel Performance 80W Solar Panel
  Seal Encapsulated with Tempered Glass
  Service Life 25 Years
Battery Type Lithium Iron Batteries
  Voltage/Capacity 3V/120VAh
  Service Life Over 10 years
Light Source Type Pury Led
  Power 36W
  Service Life 50,000
Light Body Lamp Cover Glass With Weather ablility
  Power 36W
  Height 8M
Installation Condition Solar Panel tilt fixed installation, the angle of solar panel and level is equal to local dimension plus 5°~15°
  Solar Panel must install on sunshine position, the surface of solar panel mustnot be covered by anything or shadow, only on this situation, it can work well,otherwise working timewill be reduced according to the covering time
Lighting time 4+4: Pre 4 hours 36W, Rest 4 hours 18W

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