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Name:5 strings of power battery10A
Introduction:5 strings of power batteries for all support 18.5v /10A within the scope of products!
The 5series10AH power battery pack using high-end protection board with fast charging and over-voltage, under-voltage, over current, short circuit protection, equilibrium. On the detection of battery of each single battery over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit protection, equilibrium state, and prolonging the service life of the battery. Admissibility of the single battery between the nominal capacity of more than 5% error, so that the battery pack each monomer batteries at full power can all filled without overvoltage. Undervoltage protection so that each single battery in discharge when used to avoid damage due to discharge of battery. This series of products can be at - 10 degrees C to + 55C ambient temperature range of long-term stable and reliable work
Test unit test standard
Serial number10
Nominal voltage of V36
Protect the turn-off voltage mV 4280+ 25
Recovery voltage mV 4150+ 30
The delay time MS100 +50
Over current
Protection current A 8+ 2
Off delay MS < 100
Recovery method for a charger plug
Protect the turn-off voltage mV 2400+ 100
Recovery voltage mV 3000+ 100
The delay time mS25 +15
Over current
Protection current A 15+ 3
Off delay MS 1.2+ 5
Recovery method of disconnecting the load
Short circuit
Protection of peak current A35-95+ 20adjustable
Off delay s 350+ 50
Recovery method disconnects the load
Excess temperature
Protection shutdown temperature of 60+ / - 3
Recovery temperature of 55+ / - 3
The delay time MS < 20
Consumable quiescent current A < 50
Over discharge protection A < 100
Use environment temperature0~ 65
Relative humidity % < 90, no condensation
Atmospheric pressure kPa 70 ~110
Storage and transportation environment temperature - 40~ 85
Relative humidity % < 95%, no condensation
ON-resistance m Omega < 20
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